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I am a programmer. I make the machine bend to my will.


Game of Life


Recently decided to try another simple type of game to program. John Conway's Game of Life is a very rudementary representation of population sizes and how it effects other populations. Each white dot represents a population. Given a few simple rules each population lives and dies each generation. Each animation render counts as a generation, making for quite the display of lights. My game can be found in the menu at the top or click here.

Where to begin...


Since my last post a lot has changed. That is the only constant in life afterall. I have started multiple ventures to try and expand my mind, body and soul.

First and foremost my boys are 10 months old and pulling themselves up on things and being little boys. They are the most beautiful things on this planet dear lord help us.

I have started karate back up again on wednesdays and already threw my knee out of socket XD. I am still able to run so its not as bad as it sounds, but I need to take it easy.

I started running 2 miles, as often as I can, per week. Usually get in 8 miles a week. Trying for that 10!

I created a bitcoin mining machine. Using this b250 motherboard that has 19 slots for GPUs. Most insane thing I have seen in a while.

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    Font of the Bitcoin mining rig with no components added. Front of rig with motherboard and PSU attached. Front of rig with everything hooked up and GPUs added on top rack. Back of rig showing the motherboard connectors close up.

I started work on my barber's new scheduling and haircut application designed using React. You can find the demo here.

Started a youtube channel with my flow arts friends to encompass our skills as a community. Our channel is Indy Flow Fam.

Spinning Poi


I recently had two children who will be a month old on the 13th. I haven't had a lot of time to work on one of my passions, flow arts, in a while. Here is a video of some moves I have been working on with my poi. Enjoy :)



I recently started to program my own app using React and Webpack to bundle my files into a minified JavaScript and CSS file. Not sure why I started with Raindrops, but I am loving the way it is shaping out.

Phase Six


Phase 6 coming at you this year in April. Catch me there throwing that hot fire around :)

Indy Flow Arts


Been so very honored to be in my local flow community. I have met and got to flow with so many talented artists. I recently had the idea to create a flow community page to showcase all the wonderful people who are involved in the flow the community. This website is currently under construction.

Heart of Mathematics


I have been working on a piece of art that uses a great deal of mathematics. Shows the power of what a simple equation can accomplish. I would like to go forward creating fractals, but i think for now this is a great step towards learning animations and how equations on a grid work.



I have created a new section called art in the main nav. Just a few projects I have been working on with equations that deal with circles.

Back to the Basics


I have been working on this website you see before you once again. Adding little touch ups here and there to the already existing code base as well as re-factoring the way controls are added and maintained. I decided to separate each of the controls I created in the 'Add Content' menu into their own separate folders. I then created a process to load each control in, one by one, to the page from the file structure using PHP, when the page's html is generated. This makes it easier for me to keep track of all the different controls by allowing me to see my files in a file structure list and by keeping each control's files in one place; rather than my old method of having one giant javascript file with all the controls plus my other thousand lines of editing code. I plan on making more updates, more frequently.

Mobile Development


I have recently become a full stack mobile developer for Android and iOS. We build our mobile environment using several tools. One of which always includes some sort of package manager. I recommend Node Package Manager (npm). You can install on any OS and it is a great way to keep track of your web code. Our app is built using Cordova, which takes web code and exports it to multiple native device languages. We use react, javascript, html and css to write our application.